Household Solar System Promotion Seminar

Time:2016/12/22 10:15:29


The second term of RING SOLAR PV installation training session came to a successful end
On November 29-30, 2016 household solar system promotion seminar and the second term of PV installation training session hold by RING SOLAR, was carry out in Ningbo.
The seminar attracted more than 10 PV system dealers from Jinhua, Lishui, Shaoxing. During the meeting, Yang from our company explained household solar knowledge through market situation, photovoltaic policy, product selection, installation, grid process and financing.

In order to let them better understand what they had learned, Yang arranged site-visit of producing workshops and showroom after the session.
Facing those automatic machines, representatives had warmly discussion with Yang and engineers, inquired detailed issues and attentions about system installation and product selection from time to time. Our technicians patiently solved their confusions one by one.

This seminar and on-site visit formed a well link with theoretical knowledge, and deepened our dealers acquaintance to solar technology. They not only got new ideas through this conference, but also built a solid foundation for their further solar career. The seminar hold by RING SOLAR finally came to a successful end.

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